Olivers 2020

Award Categories

Although projects submitted can be created by any source, please consider using our chamber members listed under each category for help with your projects:

  • Print: Any printed piece eligible. Suggestions are direct mailer, brochure, business card, booklet, pocket folder, etc
  • Branding: Includes but not limited to logo design. Submission can be digital or print. It can include corporate identity, overall branding/color scheme, typography usage, combination of print, web, display/signage, apparel not submitted into individual competition categories.
  • Advertisement: Display ad in any media, print or digital
  • Web: Website, landing page, email marketing piece or campaign
  • Social Media: Campaign, newsletter, etc on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Writing: Any content used in print, web, social media, blogs, etc
  • Video: Any marketing video, up to 3 minutes in length (or 3-minute segment of a video)
  • Radio: Any audio radio commercial
  • Signage/Vehicles: Interior or exterior signage or display; any vehicle graphic
  • Promo Item: Any imprinted promotional item including apparel


  • Submissions of individual projects may be entered in more than one category (ie brochure in print and writing). If you enter the piece in more than one category and it wins, it will win for one category only.
  • No production date restrictions, but the entry must be current to your business
  • You must be a MOACC member to submit a project for consideration.
  • Entries must be received by 10/16/20: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 10/18/20
  • 4 Judges (non-members) will be selected to judge the projects in their respective areas of expertise
  • Judges will choose winners by TBD. Winners will be notified by approx TBD.
  • A “People’s Choice Award” will be selected by attendees at the event
  • Event RSVP by 10/30/20
  • All information subject to change.