Marketing in the Morning


7:15 am (open networking) 7:30-9:00 structured networking

MOACC MITM 140115-27 MOACC MITM 130918-2


In today’s fast-paced electronic centric business world, there is less face-to-face communication than ever. People still do business based on relationships. Monthly meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month 7:15am-9:00 am at a variety of locations in the area.

There is a $10.00 fee for this meeting, but it is Complimentary to Members of the Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce. All proceeded are applied to the High School Scholarship fund for a senior in a HS business program.

To attend or learn more, go to the MOACC MEET UP site ( here you can register, you will have access to our members business cards and our members are able to post special information and sales notices about their business or special charity.

This monthly meeting will provide area businesses with a forum that will create an opportunity to share and promote your business to a large group of interested individuals, in a comfortable and structured environment.


The MOACC sponsors a Business Networking in a structured networking forum which provides each attendee the opportunity to present a brief commercial about their business to all in attendance. The meeting also included a “Spotlight” member feature at each meeting.

A key benefit to our attendees is that you will pick a card and have your card selected by all attendees resulting in two (2) “Business-2-Business” meeting appointment opportunities!

The basic format:

  1. Registration table to collect everyone’s business card (so we can share the information to all attendees)
  2. Open networking over coffee first 15 minutes
  3. The “Host Firm” spotlight – The host business (restaurant, small or large local business) has a 10 minute segment to present to everyone what they do and what is good business for them. Every member business can be the “host” for Marketing in the Morning…we have members who offer their facility to our members to use for their featured meeting.
  4. Detailed “Elevator” Introductions where each attendee provides a 60-90 second overview of their business and announces who’s card they selected from the basket to schedule a meeting with.

NOTE: You are encouraged to linger after the meeting for additional business networking discussions