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ChiForLiving is a system of body motion activities targeting seniors and baby boomers who find themselves less mobile and physically fit, and now looking to increase their ability to maintain ease of movement as they age.

Gyms are proliferating, offering a variety of exercise options; however, the main audience for ChiForLiving includes the more sedentary person who is unlikely or unable to utilize a more traditional gym or exercise program.

When these people decide to embark on an exercise program, it is important that the activities be low impact, low pain, and easy to learn, but with a clear and immediate improvement in flexibility, leg strength, balance, and general mobility.

ChiForLiving system uses slow, gentle fluid motion of the arms, legs and torso while incorporating enhanced breathing techniques. The system illustrates the movements, while explaining each technique in easy to understand terminology.

Who can use the ChiForLiving system?

This system targets baby boomers and seniors who would benefit most from easy to do motion exercises. The system is also useful for anyone under stress, rehabilitating injuries, overweight or simply looking to gain flexibility, leg strength and balance.

What are the benefits of the ChiForLiving system?

The ChiForLiving system of movement can be done anywhere, anytime with no equipment other than comfortable clothes. All that is needed are a good attitude and willingness to improve physical and mental health through motion.

Practicing ChiForLiving teaches balance, enhances leg strength, and improves flexibility and stamina. Due to the concentration needed to perform the movements, the system also works as a form of meditation and stress relief.

This system works the leg, torso, and upper body with most arm movements done with hands above the heart for gentle cardio work.

Most movements generate from the hips with hip rotation working the waist and trunk. The stances utilize the large leg muscles. The movement is done slowly, and is soft and flowing. Repetition and regular practice results in improved muscle tone, motor control / coordination and balance, and stimulation of the cardiovascular system.

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