Best Practices and tips for your business Video

The MOACC provides a free posting of your business video to support our members marketing strategy as video has become a key item for having your business recognized and “found”, in this social media age.

YouTube has become the number 2 (two) Internet search engine after Google, and it’s become clear that businesses that aren’t using online video to market their firm, are at a competitive disadvantage. As you explore your options there are some key strategic points to remember and leverage as your integrate video into your business marketing strategy.

To help your Planning and Implementation, we recommend that you incorporate these Best Practices for your business Video 

1. Identify existing content to reuse in your online video

  • Is the supporting material for the video a fit for visual presentation?
  • Does your product or feature lend itself to training, demonstration or just a “story”?
  • Do you have key members who are “thought leaders” in your marketplace who can present well and get attention?

2. Plan the most effective type of video that will share your message and support your business strategy

  • What are the expectations of your targeted audience?
  • How do customers interact with your brand?
  • Are the benefits of your product or service easily defined?
  • Is your product or service heavily detailed and complex?

3. Build a script or “story” for your business video using existing content

  • What is your brand’s “personality” and target message?
  • Can your product or service be described in plain language (avoiding industry acronyms)?
  • Can you turn your message into a story the potential customer can understand?

4. Match your existing marketing message and brand positioning so the video supports your business plan

  • What kind of environment best showcases your brand, product or service? (i.e.: corporate, food, retail, manufacturing, entertainment, etc.)
  • Does your presentation require multiple locations? (i.e., should you show a single location or do you need to show a product/service development setting, a sales setting, a business case example, etc.)
  • Can your product/service be shown in a recommended use by an existing client?

5. Identify is you have the opportunity to use your video content as a “live brochure”

  • What web/social media type do your potential customers use to interact with your business?
  • Does your video marketing material offer a learning opportunity or position you as a thought leader?
  • Can you leverage your video message to offer value to customer which will generate leads?

6. Are you creating your business video “in-house”?

If you have the expertise – go forward…. but…have you considered using a professional to create your business video – remember this is your brand!


The MOACC has members who can help .. refer to the on-line Membership Directory


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